Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Secretary John Kerry’s Statements Supporting Military Coup in Egypt

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Following statement done by Mr Gehad El Haddad today, is really a good analogy. Humans are equal. democracy is an indispensable necessity in Egypt just like it is in the US.

Statement by Mr Gehad El Haddad, member of Anti-Coup Alliance and Spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood re: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks in Pakistan today:

“We’re waiting for anything from the US, in-fact we believe that the administration is complicit in the military coup as they did before by supporting Mubarak dictatorship regime.

Is it the job of the army to restore democracy? Does Secretary Kerry accept Defense Secretary Hagel to step in and remove Obama if large protests take place in the US? Will the US army freeze the constitution & dismantle congress & senate? Can they appoint a president that they solely choose?

Such rhetoric is very alarming, the American people should stand against an administration that is corrupting their values in supporting tyranny & dictatorship.”

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