Children are the gift of God

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Praying is wonderful but when children join it becomes great!

Children are a gift of God.

Prophet Mohammed was always patient and considerate with children and took great pain not to hurt their tender feelings.


Narrated Abu Qatadah:

“The Messenger of Allah came towards us while carrying Umamah the daughter of Abi Al-`As (Prophet’s granddaughter) over his shoulder. He prayed, and when he wanted to bow, he put her down, and when he stood up he lifted her up.” (Al-Bukhari)


The Prophet Muhammad welcomed children in the mosque. Once, he even descended from his pulpit during a sermon, picked up his two grandsons, Hassan and Hussein, and carried them in his arms while he continued speaking to the faithful. Another time, the Prophet was prostrating in prayer and his two grandsons climbed upon his back to play. The Prophet stayed in prostration for a very long time so that he would not cut short his grandsons’ play time.


Yet another time, the Prophet was leading the Dawn prayer, and he suddenly hurried to finish praying with the faithful. When asked why, the Prophet responded that he heard a child crying, and thus he did not want to agitate the child’s mother by prolonging the prayer.

Children are gifts of God

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