Turkey will not lose

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What is the sense in rocking Turkey like this? What is the sense in dragging Turkey into this fire? Look; everything is in such a mess and some of them are still stirring up  dissension. There is major tumult going on, why do you not calm it down?

No one, I kindly repeat my request, no one should ever write anything unfavorable and inciting. Be a soother [of tensions]. 

The law is working in Turkey. The court made those arrests; if they ascertain any crime, they will give the necessary punishment or else those arrested would be acquitted.  The law is working in Turkey. They haven’t let them out, they court has arrested them and they say that they will put them on trial, that is okay. What will they say if they are acquitted? If they are guilty, let them serve their time but there are many people committing illegal acts. There are millions of guilty people all around the world; it is not something just newly discovered only in Turkey. We need to use a calming, soothing language.

While everything is going on very nicely and smoothly, instigating this tumult is not acceptable. “Tumult is worse than slaughter”: This is a verse of the Qur’an. It is religiously unlawful for Muslims to have a falling out with each other and putting forth an effort to unite Muslim is a religious obligation. 

 Just like the time for prayers, now is the time for the act of worship that is uniting Muslims and calming down the dissension.”

Right now is the time for the act of worship that is uniting Muslims, just like the time for performing prayers; the time for this service has come. This is the time for this religious service. Something happened, and the time for this act has come. At this moment all Muslims are responsible of performing this act of worship. That is an explicit religious obligation. It is a command on everyone. It is the duty of every Muslim. Calming down tumult, reconciling and soothing [tensions] down is everyone’s duty. Just like giving alms, giving zakat, this is also a religious obligation; we all have to work to calm down this tumult, insha’Allah.” 

By Adnan Oktar


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