Thai police rescue hundreds of Rohingya in raid on suspected traffickers’ camp

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Following a lead provided by Reuters reporters, Thailand police yesterday raided the camp of human traffickers where 531 Rohingya refugees including women and children were held against their will, near Sadao, Thailand.
“After we were tipped off by Reuters journalists, we ordered raid on the camps and arrested 3 leader of the mafia that were trafficking the refugees¨ said the deputy police chief.
On December 5, Reuters reporters reported that Rohingya refugees were beaten up and held in secret camps close to Malaysia border and that some of them were even killed.
Rohingya Muslims, are the stateless Muslims of Burma, also known as Myanmar. Clashes between Rohingya and Rakhine Buddists that are majority in Myanmar erupted last year, making 140.000 people homeless most of them being Rohingya.
Since then, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar on boats and many of them arrived in Southwest Thailand. UN and USA called for an investigation into the Reuters report that was based on a two months of research. The research revealed a policy of removing Rohingya refugees from Thai immigration detention centre and deliver them to human traffickers waiting at sea.


Turkish public has been very vocal on social media against this oppression of Rohingya Muslims. Most recently, the hasthag campaign #SaveRohingya that was started after the news of Rohingya refugees being lost surfaced, and the hashtag became the worldwide and Turkish top trend.



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