A few words and 5 tons of rice

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Thanks Steve Gumaer in his efforts for helping these vulnerable people.

Normal Is Over.

I just got back from Sittwe, Western Burma, where 200,000 people have been forced from their homes and currently live in make shift shacks on the coast line of the bay of Bengal. Add a cyclone to the violence that put them in these camps and you have a recipe for very vulnerable and suffering people.

Tandoli camp is separated by train tracks. On one side are approximately 5000 displaced people and on the other another 3-5000 more. We (Partners Relief & Development) helped evacuate them as cyclone Mahasen approached land, then returned them to their tent camps after the storm blew North to Bangladesh.

Many of the people we interviewed in these two sections hadn’t had food in 4 days. As “unregistered” refugees they are not able to receive food distribution from the World Food Program, because distribution is based on numbers provided by the local government…

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