Let this be our pray for Gazza…

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Are those war-mongers urging for more fighting in Gazza, prompting more pain, do they realize what they are leading to?

If both sides keep attacking each other:

  1. Israel will retaliate more severely,
  2. When Israel retaliates more severely, there will be more civilian martyrdoms including children, women and babies,
  3. The most basic needs like water and power will be scarce in Gazza.
  4. The injured cannot be treated under heavy bombardment. Casualties can rise due to number of injuries.
  5. Gazzans will be deprived of their right to live in peace and security, which is the one of the most basic human rights.
  6. If Egypt and Israel prevents the passage of humanitarian aid as a way of deterring, Gazzans will be deprived of the most basic necessities.
  7. Gazzans can turn into refugees as they flee the bombardment.
  8. Everything will be razed to ground in Gazza.
  9. There will be no more schools, homes or hospitals in Gazza which Turkey helped build a lot throughout the years.
  10. The war can have lasting traumatic effects on Gazzan children.
  11. As Israel and Gazza spend their limited funds on weapons, they will get even poorer.
  12. The prolonging of this fight will only help the arm dealers.

Both Israelis and Gazzans are religious people. Everyone should forget their pride and make an effort for ceasefire and ultimately the peace. Pride is a trait of satan. The satan is trying to turn Muslims and Jews against each other, who are both the sons and daughters of Prophet Abraham. The religious Jews and Muslims should be aware of this plot. If an enemy is needed, satan is the enemy of both sides.

Shaytan is your enemy so treat him as an enemy. He summons his party so they will be among the people of the Searing Blaze. Quran, 35:6


Just imagine for a second, if they agree on a ceasefire and declare peace right after that, what will happen?

  1. Israel will feel itself safe and therefore the sanctions on Gazza will be lifted.
  2. Border crossings with Egypt will be opened and there will be cooperation in many areas including commerce and education.
  3. Gazza and West Bank will unite.
  4. The union of Gazza and West Bank will help Muslims develop in many areas including their economy.
  5. If Palestine gets a self-sufficient economy, it can start doing trade with Israel.
  6. Trade between Palestine and Israel will help both sides get richer.
  7. When Gazza spends money on education rather than weapons, a new, modern, sophisticated generation of Muslims will be raised.
  8. Muslims will be able to practice their religion freely in Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  9. If Gazans are well-educated and become contributing members to the economy, they will no longer need foreign aids.
  10. Palestine will no longer be an underdeveloped country and their cities will be modern just like Tel Aviv and Haifa.
  11. There will be no new settlements in the Palestine soil by Israel because there will be no more claims of Palestinians wanting to destroy the Jews.
  12. Palestinians will not have to spend hours everyday at checkpoints to go to their work or home, and live like strangers on their own lands.

These are possible scenarios and if all Muslims pray and make the maximum effort to make peace, God will respond to sincere prayers.

Your Lord says, ‘Call on Me and I will answer you.Those who who are too proud to worship Me will enter Hell abject.’ Quran, 40:60

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