David Attenborough takes evolutionists by surprise

1037280e / Sir David Attenborough87-year old British scientist David Attenborough is known for his nature documentaries. He was also known for his fervent support for evolution. ‘Was’, I am saying because he took evolution world by surprise with his words about evolution, during a recent interview with Radio Times. He said: ‘Human evolution has stopped!’. In the interview, Attenborough said that according to Charles Darwin, the so-called mechanism of evolution was natural selection and because it stopped, so did the evolution. He added that natural selection stopped because people now care for their children.
This statement by the 87-year old Attenborough didn’t sit well with the evolutionists because this suspiciously looked like a ‘slow transition attempt’ towards fully rejecting evolution.
The so-called ‘human evolution’, which Attenborough says has stopped, is nothing but a deceptive theory. In addition, the ‘naturalselection’ he claims to have stopped, has never been an evolutionary mechanism, either. People have always cared for their babies since the first time theycreated. God created humans with conscience and souls and even gave the animals the instinct to care for their babies. You must have seen examples of animal altruism on documentaries, like a whole herd of elephants trying to save a baby elephant stuck in mud, or a mother cat taking care of his babies for months, carrying food to them although she is hungry, and hundreds of other examples deny the claims that the nature is about the survival of the fittest.  It is true that strong ones hunt the weak ones in nature, but this has never been an evolutionary  mechanism. Indeed, the fossils unearthed by paleontology show us million-year old fossils are the same as their counterparts living today. This means that they haven’t evolved and they were the same millions of year ago. A sturgeon that lived millions of years ago is identical to its living counterparts. A rabbit fossil that is 90 million years old, has no difference from rabbits living today. To sum it up, there is no evolutionary mechanism in nature.  Sure enough, tens of evolutionists raised their voices to Attenborough, and he must have predicted this reaction, because he wanted to calm them down, albeit using another deception:

It is not that depressing or important that the natural selection has stopped, because apparently now the cultural evolution is at work.’ 

Attenborough must have guessed that his words would feel like a slap in the face for theevolutionists, because he tried to sugarcoat his words with a ‘so-called cultural evolution’ and advised them not to get too depressed over his words.
Just like there is nothing such as biological evolution, there is no cultural evolution, either. Throughout the history, some civilizations have been advanced, while some were primitive and even sometimes they existed at the same time. Archeological findings clearly prove this. People living in pre-historical times, were just like us with souls and intelligence. The amazing art we see on cave walls, a 35-thousand year old flute, a 25-thousand year old needle, medical tools, astronomic studies at ziggurats, the pyramids in Egypt of which architectural mysteries are yet to be solved, and tens of thousands of other archeological findings refute the idea that civilizations evolve from primitive to advanced.  I think for next time, David Attenborough should just honestly say ‘I’ve been mistaken, there is no cultural evolution, either’. It’s never too late to correct a mistake.
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