Love is the reason why the world was created

christians muslims jewsWorld is beautiful when you love. Be it a baby, a rose bud, a kitten with innocent eyes you love. Love is what makes this world wonderful…

Our soul is the source of love.

Kill love and then you’ll be killing yourself. Many aren’t aware of this, but they are roaming this earth like living death that understand nothing of love.

They cannot appreciate the beauties, the joys of this world. Because they are living in a completely different dimension; the dimension of lovelessness.

So where is this dimension of lovelessness?

It is where the soulless people live together with all the filth, burden and pains of the world.

The people that kill love are not only murderers of love, but they also have to carry tons of weight. They have to carry all the filth, unhappiness, greed, fear, rage the world is offering to them as a response. But this is such a horrible weight, it won’t let go of its carrier. It will feel like being sucked in by a swamp. The world is gasping for breath in the swamp of lovelessness. People cannot love each other. Pride, in other words, the desire to be superior, is such a disastrous disease it is burning people in every way. Differences in race, sect, religion, language, ethnicity, countries, or communities and many other factors lead people to an evil competition of greed and haughtiness. They cannot even understand that this greed is taking so much away from them.

First, goes love.  Although God created this world for love, people have no problem killing it.

People, you should know that the world has no meaning without love.

If you kill love, the world will kill you. You cannot be happy. You won’t feel love when you see a baby laugh, you won’t feel excited to see a tree blossoming. One who doesn’t love the nature and animals, cannot love humans. When love for humans ends, the fights and clashes will start. The real reason behind the clashes that surround the world like a dark cloud, is lovelessness. Most of the members of the three Abrahamic religions almost hate each other. And as if it’s not enough, Muslims are divided into smaller groups and different sects fight to death.

At the moment people living in different parts of the world, are made to turn against each other because of their genetic differences or faith differences. People who are contaminated with the disease of lovelessness, lose their consciousness. And no one asks: ‘What are we doing? What is the reason for this die-hard hatred? Why do you hurt each other?’. Muslims are killed by thousands in SyriaEgypt, and Iraq. And the world is just watching from a distance like watching an action movie.

Anyone with a small amount of love for God, love for human beings, would move heaven and earth to try to stop this violence. But the approach of  ‘they struck once, let me strike ten times’ is wrong. This would only worsen the situation and would never solve anything. It has never worked so far. The treatment has to start where the disease started. There is only one antidode to lovelessness and heartlessness and it is love itself.


One thought on “Love is the reason why the world was created

    Moacir David said:
    August 25, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Sen, sevginin gerçek aşkı konuşuyoruz. Tanrı’nın yarattıkları tüm için değil, cinsel aşk, ama aşk. Bu çok güzel. Sözlerini sevdim. Biz dünyamızda olduğu tüm sevmeliyiz.

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